Entry Modal Component

Don't see the modal?

Clear your cookies and refresh the page.


  1. The modal will open on page load.
  2. Clicking the CTA button will set a cookie.
  3. If the cookie is set, the modal will not display again.
  4. If the cookie is not set, the modal will always show on page load.


  1. Requirements may vary. In most cases you want the entry modal to show up on every single page. To do this, add the component to all of your layout files that are used across the site. This will ensure the modal is rendered across the entire site.
  2. Follow the code example below to include in your layout or page files as needed. the fode example below.


  1. Beufy modal component
  2. cookie-universal-nuxt


Upon navigating to this page you should see the entry modal display on page load.

From your layout or page add the below code snippet:

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